Timber Framing or Steel Framing? Understanding the Difference

Many crucial decisions define a successful construction project. If you have a construction project, one of such decisions will be the type of framing to choose for your building. And generally, this often comes down to two primary choices: timber and steel. It's imperative to choose carefully here because the framing acts as your building's backbone. What's more, since construction projects can be a costly investment, you need to choose a type of framing that is not only safe and secure but also that fits well within your budget. [Read More]

Common Problems That Require a Roof Repair

While it's easy to forget about your metal roof and leave it to look after itself, this can lead to problems developing without you noticing. Metal roofs are tough, but they do require a little maintenance. The following are several issues that necessitate roof repairs. Leaks Rainwater entering the crawl space can wreak havoc on other structural components. Moisture can rot timber framework, spoil insulation, and cause mould and dark patches to show on your ceilings. [Read More]

Why You Should Always Consider A Roof Replacement Before Putting Your Home On The Market

There are many tips and tricks that you can follow to increase the sale price of your home when you put it on the market. Adding a pergola and renovating your bathroom can add significantly more value than they cost to install, but one feature that is often forgotten about in this process is your roof. A roof replacement is not only a solid investment but also can be a great selling point for your home compared to others on the market. [Read More]

Top Roofing Considerations to Make When Building a Granny Flat DIY Kit

A granny flat is an excellent option when you are looking to extend your home. You may want to add lodging for your relatives or create a recreational space. Building a granny kit will allow you to get the extra space without breaking the bank. There are various things to keep in mind before designing a granny flat kit. One important thing to think about is the type of roof you will use. [Read More]