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Reasons for Installing Steel Sheets When Replacing Your Roof

Replacing a home's roof will transform the kerb view. Plus, new shingles will better protect the building from the elements than old, decayed material. One option to consider is metal sheets, the benefits of which are outlined below.

Solar Radiation

The roof sits in a prime position to catch solar radiation from the beating sun. Unless you live in a freezing environment, you probably don't want this effect, especially in summer. With metal sheets, you have several ways to combat this. Some substances, such as Colorbond, are covered with a heat-reflective coating to bounce radiation away. The building underneath will be noticeably cooler as a result. Another tip is to use pale colours rather than dark ones for the cladding. Light hues are more heat-reflective.


Though the roof cladding is on top of a building, it often needs to bear the weight of other objects. For example, you might have a hot water system on top of the building. Alternatively, you may have installed solar panels or air conditioning. Roofers also need to walk on the cladding for repairs.

Steel roofing is perfect in this regard, as it's strong and can carry such weights. The corrugated profile makes the metal stronger than if it were flat. So you don't have to worry about metal roofing not being strong enough.

Rain and Moisture

As well as being at the mercy of the sun, roofing is also exposed to rain and hail. So it needs to deal with moisture exposure. Steel roofs can cope as they feature various protective coatings. For instance, galvanised steel has a zinc cover. Another roofing possibility is zincalume, which is covered in a zinc, magnesium and aluminium alloy. You might alternatively consider Colorbond. These sheets are encased in a zinc alloy with an added paint layer for protection. If you live in an extreme coastal setting, you could opt for a stainless steel Colorbond roof. Stainless steel doesn't rust like standard steel due to its unique makeup.


Steel is a highly recycled material. When purchasing steel cladding during a roof replacement project, you can often discover the degree of recycled content to help you decide its environmental impact. A steel roof can also be recycled after it's finished protecting your home. You don't have to worry about the integrity of recycled steel, as this metal can be recycled again and again while maintaining its structure. Using recycled steel will reduce the mining of new metals, which is energy-intensive. Plus, metal roofs are unlikely to end up in a landfill.

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