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Protect Your Gutters: Your Roofer Wants You To Know Benefits of Gutter Guards

One of the primary functions of a roof is to keep rainwater away from the house. It collects water from the rain and lets it flow down into the gutters, then the downpipes drain the water off your property. Therefore, the channels are a crucial component of your water drainage system. If they clog and fill up with debris, you will have water overflowing and damaging the walls and the house's foundation. Gutter guards are a simple way to protect your gutters from filling up with foliage and other waste. Here are ways in which the guards will be beneficial. 

They Keep Mice and Insects Away

Mice get in your gutters when the water channels are open, then leaves and foliage accumulate in them. They will hide inside and even reproduce there. Some even use the gutters as a conduit to access the rest of the home. The best way to keep them away from your home is by eliminating places where they can hide. Gutter guards deter rodents from getting into them and making a home. Some gutter guards have close-knit grills that make it impossible for insects to get in. 

They Minimise Ice Dams in the Home

Ice dams form in the house when water from the rain gets trapped in the gutters. The water could get trapped by a block of ice or when the debris collects and blocks the downpipes. The water then freezes and expands. Sometimes, the expanding ice leads to damages to not only the roof but also to the gutters. Gutter guards prevent the formation of dams by blocking leaves as well as other debris from getting inside the channel. It means that water will flow freely and not end up freezing inside. 

They Can Protect Your Home From Fire Damage

Fire damage can lead to dreadful results. Homes with debris in their gutters are more likely to suffer from fire damage than those that do not. Often, the foliage catches fire from sparks and ignites the roof, razing the house within minutes. Gutter guards keep the dry leaves out. 

They Prevent Premature Rust

Rust can damage your roof before it serves its intended purpose. Rust is most destructive when the roofing has metallic components and keeps retaining water. Guards prevent water retention.

These are reasons why you should consider protecting your gutters using effective gutter guards. Hire a professional roofing contractor to check the condition of your gutters and recommend the best gutter guards.