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Three Crucial Indications That Your Roof Is Failing

When a roof is properly installed, it protects the interior of the house and the foundation from the structural damage which could result from rainwater. However, even the best maintained roofs age, and when they do their efficiency deteriorates. Having a poor roof can be a safety hazard in the home. It can also lower the resale value of the home and negatively affect its aesthetic appeal. A failing roof also loses its insulation ability, hiking up the utility bills in the home. As a homeowner, you should keep checking for signs of roof weaknesses. Here are the most common indicators that your metal roof is aging and needs replacement:

When there is rust on the metal

Most metallic roofs are made with corrosion-resistant materials such as colorbond. Others are also painted and galvanised to reduce the possibility of the metal coming into contact with moisture and air, leading to rusting. However, with time the paint peels off, exposing the metal underneath. When this happens, the metal starts oxidising and the damage reaches a level where the roof starts leaking. Before this happens, you can see brown patches on the metal sheets and choose to replace them beforehand.

When the Roof is Sagging

Another common sign that there is a problem with your roof is when parts of it are sagging. Sometimes this happens because the sheets are old, and the frames and other structures underneath have also aged and lost their structural stability. A sagging roof is very dangerous because it can collapse at any time, harming those who live in the home. 

When the Attic is Water Damaged

Another sign that your roof is falling apart is when there is water damage inside the attic. Signs of water damage include dirty tracks or streaks down the wall, a sagging ceiling, dampness and a mouldy smell. The walls of the attic could also have bubbles from the water, especially if you used water-based paint. In extreme cases of water damage, you might also notice actual pools of water on the floor of the attic, especially after it rains.

These are some of the things which will indicate that your metal roof is aged and needs replacement. It is best to always consult a roofing contractor for a proper assessment of the damage. They will also recommend whether you need to repair the roof or tear it down and get a new one. As long as a contractor is working with you, replacing the roof will not be complicated. Reach out to companies in your area for more information about metal roof replacement.