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Maintaining Your Gutter: 3 Things to Look Out For

During the tropical storm season, a large amount of rain can fall on parts of Australia in a very short period. The quantity of rainwater can quickly overwhelm a roof gutter which is in need of repair, leading to flooding and damage to the roof or the gutter. Below is a guide to 3 things you should look out for when inspecting the guttering on your roof.

Signs of corrosion

If you have metal gutters installed on your roof, it is vital that you periodically check for signs of corrosion and rust. The wear and tear of objects being washed along the gutter can cause the protective layer of paint to become scratched. These scratches expose the metal beneath the paint to the moisture and oxygen in the environment, which can lead to the development of rust and corrosion. Corrosion can lead to holes developing in the guttering which will allow water to leak out onto your property. If you spot any signs of corrosion, you should ask a roofing contractor to repair the metal or to replace the guttering plastic parts.

Shaky support joints

The guttering around your roof space is held in place by a series of joints, which anchor each section of guttering to the wall of your property. However, general wear and tear can cause these joints to weaken. You can test if a joint is weak by gently shaking each section of the guttering and downspout on your property. If a piece feels loose, it is highly likely that the joint has failed and will need to be replaced by a roofing professional.


During the colder months, when leaves are falling from the trees, and the wind picks up, the gutters on your home may become filled with dead leaves, twigs and other debris. This debris can impede the flow of rainwater along the gutter towards the downspout, causing the gutter to overflow. When the gutter overflows, water may be washed onto the roof surface which could damage or move roof tiles. To prevent this problem from occurring, you should ask a roofing company to install a gutter guard on your property. A gutter guard is a wire mesh which sits on top of your gutter. The fine mesh allows water to enter the gutter but prevents leaves and other debris from becoming trapped.

If you would like to find out more about maintaining the guttering on your home, you should contact a roofing specialist today.