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Deliberate On These Crucial Factors to Ensure Your House Re-Roofing Project Is a Successful One

A re-roofing job is often required when a roof has reached the end of its expected lifespan, or for roofs that are so deteriorated that repairing them would be impractical and financially unwise. Choosing a new roof is something that calls for careful deliberation because roof structures are the building occupants' first line of protection against the elements. Roof installations also serve to protect possessions in the interiors of a building from weather damage.

If it is time to take down your existing residential roof and replace it with a new one, here are three crucial things you should think through to ensure you build the right roof:

Roof construction material

One of the major factors that will impact the longevity of your new roof is the roof construction material you'll use. Thanks to the availability of a wide range of roofing materials on the construction market, it is easy to find a roofing product that can match your exact requirements. But you have to choose carefully, of course.

When choosing a roofing material, consider the climate of your local area because your roof will have to withstand the weather conditions prevalent there. If you want a roof that can minimise the cold temperatures of winter weather, you might need to consider roofing options like asphalt shingles.

Roof design

How your new roof will be sloped will significantly affect the kerb appeal of your home, but also your roof drainage. There are various roof designs, from flat roofs to high-pitched roofs, to designs that fall in between.

If you reside in an area that gets plenty of rainfall or heavy snow, a high-pitched roof like a gable roof would be a perfect choice because it will allow rainwater or snow to shed quickly, in turn, minimising roofing issues such as water ponding. But if you live in an arid area and are looking to build an ancient-style roof, then building a flat roof would be ideal.

Roof colour

Contrary to what you might think, the colour of your roof is not merely an aesthetic matter. Your roof colour could mean the difference between saving on monthly energy bills and paying more. If you live in hot-climate parts of Australia, a light-colour roof finish would be ideal because it'll help quickly dissipate the Sun's heat away from the surface of your roof.

Dark roof finishes, on the flip side, are ideal for homes located in cold-climate parts of the country. Dark roofs easily absorb and retain solar heat, thus keeping the home warmer in cold weather. Therefore, choose your colours carefully.

House re-roofing is a big job, so it is best to let a local roofing expert do it for you.