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Late Night Noise? How to Possum Proof Your Roof

Mysterious, somewhat unsettling sounds in your home late at night might immediately make you think of ghosts. Of course, you will quickly dismiss the idea of any type of supernatural source and realise that it's probably one of the numerous, unique types of animals that you share the country with. Loud noises emanating from your roof (and perhaps from your ceiling cavity) point to the possibility that possums might have made themselves at home in your home. The noise can be incredibly loud and distracting, particularly due to the nocturnal nature of the creatures. Possum proofing your roof can be extremely beneficial, although your best option will depend on your budget and your desired end result.


You will need to confirm that there are in fact possums nesting in your roof. The distinctive sounds are obviously a major clue, and yet visual confirmation can be necessary before further action can be taken. Go outside at dusk and observe your home from a distance that allows a panoramic view. Do possums emerge from a hiding spot to begin their foraging? There is no set timeframe for this, so it might take more than one night before you can receive visual confirmation.


The possums will need to be trapped and removed. Possums are protected, so contact the Department of Environment in your state or territory to find out about the necessary guidelines. You might be able to trap the creatures yourself, or you might wish to hire a professional trapper. Purchase a nesting box and attach it to the tree where you plan to release the possum. This gives it immediate shelter and can prevent it from heading straight back into your roof.

Your Roof

The most important step is to modify your roof so that this doesn't happen again. There might need to be some barricading installed in the eaves of your roof to ensure that the possums can't simply use what was probably their previous point of entry. You will also need to prevent possums from causing disturbances on your actual roof or repair any damage done by the possums.

Contact a roofing company. They can treat metal roofing with a rubber-like sealant that will dampen the noises of any possums cavorting above your head. This is inexpensive and quick, although if you have been considering full re roofing, this could also be the ideal opportunity to go ahead.