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Ways Your Roofer Can Upgrade Your Guttering for Curb Appeal and Drainage

When people think about guttering for their home, they generally just think of rainwater drainage. There isn't much thought many homeowners give to guttering beyond that basic idea. However, if you go with a traditional gutter system, you may end up with other issues that can cause problems with your roofing such as stuck debris causing roof rot and weighing down the mounting brackets of the gutter system. These issues can be costly, but they can be avoided with the right guttering upgrades. Here are a few of those upgrades.

Leaf Screen

One of the easiest ways to keep your gutters from becoming clogged is to use a leaf screen. These screens can help prevent larger debris and leaves from going into the gutter system and causing drainage issues or getting stuck to the point that wood rot and weight issues begin. The leaf screen also makes it easier to clean the gutters and keep them free flowing. There are several options for this, with the snap-on screen being the most budget friendly.

Curved Gutter Hoods

If you don't like the idea of a leaf screen, another option that can help cut down debris while still allowing the rainwater to flow easily through your guttering system is to use curved hoods. Curved hoods are designed to curve over the gutter line. This curvature allows the water to drain into the gutter system while leaves and other debris move over the gutter and onto the ground below. Though this means more home border landscape maintenance, it reduces the chances of damaging your roofline greatly. The look also is seamless with your roof and gutter line to be more attractive visually.

Copper Piped Gutters

One way to upgrade your curb appeal, allow the rainwater to flow and drain easily, and prevent issues with wood rot and gutter weight is to go with a copper piped gutter. These gutters are made out of copper throughout the unit. This appearance helps add to the curb appeal, while the piping design helps transfer the rainwater easily through the system. The pipes have drilled holes along the top that allow rainwater in and off your roof while keeping out debris, which lowers the required maintenance time on the gutter system.

If you decide that you want any of these guttering upgrades for either drainage improvement or curb appeal, contact your local roofing contractor. They can help with pricing and scheduling an appointment for a consultation.