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Are You Considering a Roof Extension for Your Home?

If you want to add some living space to your home's outdoor area, or some protection over a driveway or patio, you might consider a roof extension. This can be a better choice than a standard awning or even a carport, for many reasons. Note why this is, and why a roof extension may be the solution you need for shade and protection around your home's exterior space.

Roof extension versus carport

A carport is a separate structure from the home, so it would need four posts to keep it secure and in place. This can make a carport seem a bit unsightly, whereas a roof extension blends into the home's exterior seamlessly.

The four posts of a carport can also reduce the footprint of the space under the roof. However, a roof extension only needs two posts, since it's part of the home itself, so it offers more coverage overall.

Roof extension versus awnings

First, note that an awning is placed directly over a home's windows. This can cut off the amount of sunlight you get inside the home, making it seem too dark. However, a roof extension will typically be placed higher than an awning, so that it doesn't cut off sunlight or fresh air when the home's windows are opened.

Also, a roof extension can be made with a glass insert, so that you still get some sunlight when you sit under that extension, whereas an awning can seem too imposing and closed in. This is an important consideration for those who enjoy sitting in the sun while still needing protection from heat, rain and the like. As with a carport, awnings may seem unsightly, as they jut out from the home and may detract from its appearance, but the roof extension blends easily with the house.

Variety of roof extension functions

A roof extension for the home isn't always designed as just an added section of shingles; as said above, a glass insert in the extension can allow for sunshine and a nice view of the sky overhead. A roof extension can also be retractable, with a hinge in the middle that allows it to fold up and open up completely. Some extensions can also be built with a sturdy flooring and railing, so you can use it as an outdoor deck, accessible from the second floor. Extensions can also be constructed with glass walls that create a sunroom or enclosed patio for a more comfortable outdoor area overall.